Court Etiquette Guidelines. Rev 1


Open play multiple courts whiteboard system.


Goal - To fairly rotate courts while allowing players to participate with players of their skill/choosing. 


** Gym floors - Indoor tennis shoes only. Check for rocks etc. No all black soles. 


 -Squares are filled as if reading.  The rotation is left to right and top to bottom on the board. 

-The next square with four full names takes the empty court. 

- If a square is being passed up because it only has two players, two players leaving the empty court can fill those spots if they remain empty. 

-Only write your own name.

-Only write someone else's name if they directly instruct you to. 

-NEVER erase someone else’s name

-If you are not readily available for your court players may substitute someone until you return. 

-Full games are played until the number of people waiting is greater than the total number of players on the courts. Games may then be shortened to 9 win by one. A member of the board will normally make this call if attending. Just be courteous. 


Pickleball etiquette 

-Obey the rules of pickleball. If you do not know the rules please ask. 

- Respect individual choice. 

-Consider taking one game a day to help a lower level player. 

-Communicate and ask nicely if you would like to play a game with better players.